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Motorcycle turn signals module - innovation of the year

STS - Smart Turn system moduleSTS - Smart Turn system module chip

The most advanced self-cancelling add-on ever invented
For decades, numerous engineers and all major motorcycle brands have tried to develop an intelligent, safe and reliable solution as used in every car. After years of development with over 500 participating beta-testers and millions of miles made, we are proud to announce the ultimate solution for every motorcycle and every riding style. Join the evolution and enhance your riding experience. We are proud to announce that Smart Turn System is tested with all brands including:

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How STS works


Make your motorcycle Smart

STS is easy to fit and compatible with most motorcycle brands and models! Check compatibility of your motorcycle in a chart below!

More Freedom

More Comfort

More Safety

Less distractions

Intuitive use

Easy to fit

Paramedics, police force and traffic agency agreed that smart turn system saves lives

Smart Turn system, turn signals kit used by paramedics and police force

A great step forward in the evolution of safety on motorcycles was made as a part of the collaboration between automotive industry, legal bodies, entrepreneurs and other influential partners who proved that cooperation is the key to making the world a better place for all of us. The biggest impact can be made by becoming a role model in the segment of your influence and the company Movalyse, the Slovenian Traffic Safety Agency, Slovenian Police, and Paramedics achieved just that – they followed what they stand for and a greater goal was achieved by going hand in hand. From now on all Slovenian paramedics and police officers on a motorcycle will use Smart Turn System in order to be safer on their duty.
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paramedics on motorcycles with STSpolice force on motorcycle with STSTraffic Safety agency agreed to Smart Turn System

"As the old saying goes – “better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it,” and I don’t see a downside to using this product."

"The STS uses motion sensor technology to determine when a rider has changed a lane, exited a freeway, or simply taken a turn."

"I tried every combination of braking and turning I could think of, and the Smart Turn System correctly canceled the signal every time."

"The danger is when even veteran riders occasionally forget to switch off their signals or are not aware they are even on. It does happen."

"STS differs with an innovative setup that monitors the motorcycle's motion and determines the correct time to cancel the indicators."

"It’s not a simple lean angle or timed system like on some bikes. It’s a complex algorithm that seems to account for all scenarios. Best of all; it works!"

Group of motorcycles on a traffic light

Motorcycle indicators can save your life

Although STS algorithm is very complex, usage of the unit is extremely simple!
1. Turn on turn signals before you make a turn or other maneuver
2. Complete your maneuver and STS will cancel indicator instead of you
3. You can manually cancel signals by pressing switch to the same side again

Increase safety - Indicate your intentions according to road rules

Focus on the road - Stop looking at your dashboard

Lower the stress - Enjoy the pure joy of ride

Lower your risk - Avoid false indication

Choose the perfect solution for you

Smart Turn System

Smart Turn System

The most advanced self-cancelling add on for your motorcycle. With Smart Turn System you will never have to think about cancelling your turn signals again.

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