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Make your motorcycle awesome and your turn signals stand out



It is time to make the road a safer place for motorcyclists

Motorcyclists ride bikes for a wide variety of reasons. Some love the speed and freedom that riding a bike offers, others enjoy the convenience and comfort – the rest might just be using their bike to get from point A to point B. Regardless, anyone who rides a bike has one thing in common with all others – everyone wants to get back home safely and in one piece.

And this thought led us to develop a profound new system which increases motorcycle safety and efficiency. We named it the Smart Turn System.

Our vision was to create a device for automatic turn signal cancellation even more accurate than the one we have been seeing in every single car on the road for the last couple of decades.
Our team of experts in the fields of electronics and mechanics came up with the first operational prototype based on detailed analysis of motorcycle movement through the ride.

After an extensive period of in-house testing of the device on various motorcycles and with different riders, we have managed to develop a highly accurate and reliable version. A version that is now ready to be tested and proven by others. At this point in time we are focused on getting everything in order for the process of certification, homologation and finally to start the production. Additionally, we are developing various installation options, that would make the mounting of the device as simple as possible for the user.
Moreover, we are collecting applications for our beta testing program – the first beta testers will be able to give our system a go in March. The system will be commercially available in spring 2016.

We believe Smart turn system deserves riders attention, because it will increase the safety of not only the riders that use it, but of all traffic participants. This is why I would kindly like to invite you to show your support – ┬áto join our vision of making the roads safer for every motorcyclist.