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Beta-test and early user program update

Since the beginning of our campaign we have received numerous applications from motorcyclists willing to participate in the beta-test program. Many riders have also shown great interest in purchasing our system as soon as it becomes available.


We would like to give our sincerest thanks to everyone who has not only expressed interest in our product but has also shown us that we are on the right path and that we are addressing a problem that is not only our own, but that of motorcycling community as a whole.


We began our beta-test program with first applicants at the beginning of this month. The system is being tested on our motorcycles and user responses have been great. We will soon be able to offer some new video material of the motorcycles that have been equipped with our system.


We would also like to inform you about STS Early user program which was initiated due to an amazing interest which exceeded our expectations and logistical capabilities for beta-test program.


This program will enable those who could not be included in beta-tests to purchase the system prior to its market launch at a special early user price.

Anyone who decides to participate in our early user program will receive the device from the first batch – our plan is to ship the devices by the end of spring.


Motorcyclists chosen for participation in the early user program will receive devices that will be individually prepared for simple installation on their bikes. Additionally, our team will be available to offer instructions regarding the installation process. If a participant will decide to cancel the order our company will give back a full refund.


Our team was so far able to develop over 10 versions of the device – in the upcoming weeks we plan on completing a few more. The focus will firstly be put on motorcycles of participants of the early user program. If there will be a case where a participant has a motorcycle that has not yet been covered by our team, we will work together with the user in order to develop a suitable version.


We would like to inform all of those who won’t be selected for participation at this time that the next round of invitations for early user program will be sent out in the midle of April. Anyone that will not be invited in the upcoming round will be offered a special discounted price for pre-order made on our website.

Again, we would like to thank everyone for the support on our mission to make the road a safer place for motorcyclists.