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Testing rides update

As mentioned in earlier posts we have started intense testing of the system and its installation with applied beta-testers. We are very excited that so many of you have applied for beta-test. Since the number of applications exceeded our expectations and our logistical capabilities we have decided to offer applicants an opportunity to receive STS device in first batch through our early user program, where you will be able to pre-order STS device at a special pre-order price.


We are sure that you are all thrilled to see first responses from testers and we can ensure you they are great. We are planning to upload videos of their responses in the next few weeks, now we can offer you some amazing first-person GoPRO videos from testing on Hyosung motorcycle (we recommend watching it on 1080p HD). You can observe the state of indicators through dashboard of the motorcycle.

You can of course expect more in forthcoming days and weeks.