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Make your motorcycle awesome and your turn signals stand out



We believe in safety. And simplicity.

Often we receive a question on how is it possible that yet nobody has came up with self-canceling indicators and the answer is rather simple. A lot of people and companies are aware of this huge safety risk and they have tried to come up with a reliable and efficient solution, nevertheless nobody came this far mainly due to the lack of capacity to address the full spectrum of traffic situations a motorcyclist will encounter on a ride.


Although Smart Turn System algorithm is quite complex, user experience is a whole different story. Motorcyclist will turn on indicators and STS device will cancel indicators automatically after the end of maneuver.


Installation is likewise very fast and simple what was already confirmed with several beta-testers which have installed the STS system on their motorcycle. Device comes with detailed installation instructions and does not require specific mechanical/electrical knowledge, nevertheless, for your safety, we recommend to upgrade your motorcycle at your local mechanic.

Installation is a matter of few simple steps:

1. Locate 5 wires for connection
2. Connect STS to those wires
3. Place the device and modify turn signal switch if needed

To understand every aspect of instalation in detail we have prepared a point to point description (pictures show prototype of the device – housing could be a bit different in production unit and connection will be simplified using only wire tap connectors):


1. Riders will receive STS device with detailed instructions for instalation with all needed components. The only extra tools needed are pliers and screw driver if one might need to remove part of motorcycle body or switch modification.


2. Based on instructions one will locate 5 wires that lead from left handlebar switch to connector. (since wire colours vary from model to model one will receive exact instruction for their model of motorcycle):

– left turn signal (colour 1)

– right turn signal (colour 2)

– flasher or reset (colour 3)

– ground (colour 4)

– voltage supply (colour 5)




3. To connect STS device one will have to locate wires based on instructions for their model of motorcycle (example: connect red wire with blue, green with brown, etc.)




4. STS device is connected and one will perform a simple test of functionality:

– Turn on motorcycle

– Turn on indicator

– Turn off indicator by pressing switch in same direction

– Turn on indicator again and lean the STS device (in hand) for apx. 90 degrees and return it to start position

– Repeat procedure for other turn signal




5. Once the test is completed one will place the STS device firmly to the body of the motorcycle with supplied tape or cable tie. Arrow has to be on upper side pointing to the direction of driving


6. Owners of motorcycles with mechanical turn signal switch would have to reset turn signals after every use this is why we suggest turn signal switch modification. There are several types and we will provide instructions for every type – usualy one will have to insert a piece of supplied foam


7. For help and questions regarding installation, support team will be available through e-mail, phone or skype call


It is possible to remove the device and install it on new motorcycle, it is also possible to bring motorcycle back to previous condition. More about his in one of the forthcoming posts.