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Certification tests almost concluded, first bigger batch of units manufactured.

This week STS team was a bit on the edge because we have received the first production batch of STS devices. In addition, the institute SIQ held important function tests in different, even extreme conditions. We have also prepared a testing device, which will enable us to test each STS unit before we send it to customers and we could hardly wait to connect the first unit to our new testing gadget.

We were prepared to face some errors and this might be the reason for even greater enthusiasm, when all units worked, as they should. We have built and installed quite a lot of devices, nevertheless this was a first major batch and any error could delay planned assembly and shipment to customers.

Even higher tension was present at the premises of SiQ, a testing facility that is verifying that the unit complies with all the certification standards. A successful test means that units will receive type-approval and will fully comply with all requirements for use in traffic. Tests of the units are carried out in extreme circumstances and conditions and despite previous testing, we did not know what to expect. It was a great relief when all conducted tests were successful and we so proud to be only one test away from obtaining a certificate of compliance.

Great news was completed with some additional installations and feedback from motorcyclists, who have tested the STS system. Next week you can expect a video presentation of the installation of the STS system and a few comments from first test users.