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Comparing the STS to the Harley Davidson Turn Signal System

We were fortunate enough to be offered a ride on a Harley Davidson. As such, we got to test out one the most popular self-canceling turn signal systems out there today, and the one mounted on many Harley Davidsons. The HD System can automatically cancel turn signals according to the amount of flashes (it cancels over 20 flashes). If the bike tilts 45 degrees or goes above 7mph, it will also cancel.

Because of how impressed we were with the HD device, we compared it to the STS to see how they fared against one another.

We wore a camera and went out for a bike ride (in the cold weather). We had a positive first impression. We got the idea that the system cancels turn signals each time. After our ride, we decided to view what our cameras filmed.

We were shocked with the results. Watch the video below to view our observations.