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Giving Motorcyclists a DIY Christmas Present

By Urska STS team

Christmas time is coming, which means it’s time for me to wrack my brain again trying come up with a gift for my father, who happens to be a motorcyclist.

• When it comes to Christmas presents, are you just as indecisive as me during this time each year?
• Are you unsure of what to buy for your bike-riding family members?
• Are you all out of ideas?
• Want to personalize your gift?
• Have you assessed some of the popular items selling this year?
You’re probably like me – out of ideas, yet still endeavoring to find that perfect gift for a motorcycle rider. Consider these 7 DIY ideas any motorcyclist will love.


Illustration of bike on the road
This will require a canvas, a paintbrush, and some acrylic paint. If you’re not so artistic, don’t sweat it – the attempt and effort are worth more than the outcome. That said, you may surprise yourself – if you’re into it, your painting might turn to be just what you envisioned. I’ve painted for others before and the recipient has always been appreciative.




Scrapbook of the greatest roads in the country you reside in
To construct such a scrapbook, you’ll require motorcycle magazine cutouts, a blank school notebook, and printed pictures and depictions of your favorite roads.

This gift is a lot easier to make than the painting is. You may wish to involve other members of the family in the assembly of this scrapbook.



A personalized t-shirt

For this piece of customized apparel, you’ll require a blank white t-shirt, an image of what will be transferred onto the shirt, an iron, iron-on transfers, a computer, and a scanner. You may wish to alter the photo with Photoshop if you know how to use it. Ensure that the shirt will fit the person you’re giving it to.







A bike sticker
This DIY is more difficult, as it warrants more expertise. A water-resistant cutout works best. Stickers from glossy magazines are ideal.

We will require transparent tape, cutouts that are water-resistant, wax paper, and water. Once you tape the cutout, simply hold it under water – just the water print of the cutout will stay on the tape. If you want to reuse the sticker, stick it onto some wax paper.


Motorcycle-centric ornaments

This one can be opened before Christmas since it will be placed on the tree.

You will require transparent glass Christmas balls, a brush, and individual paints for the glass. This DIY project is quite easy to make – you merely paint the glass ornaments with whatever you want (aim to keep it motorcycle-themed). Also, remember to keep the balls protected once the paint has dried. Place them in a box for added appeal before you hand them to your recipient.


A motorcycle-themed pillow

To assemble this cozy headrest, you’ll require a sewing machine, foam, a few different fabrics, and thread.

Sew 2/3 of the edges together and stuff the pillow with foam. From there, sew together the remaining parts.

Ensure that you don’t sew together all three edges at the same time, as the foam will need an entry point.

Motorcycle fridge magnet

This DIY gift is a bit more intricate but completely stunning. You’ll require glue, magnet paper, a computer, photo paper, and a printer. Be sure that the magnet paper and photo dimensions are the same sizes.



I hope this provides some if you with creative DIY Christmas present ideas. If you’re not a fan of them, perhaps you might find something you like on our website. If you have any comments, suggestions for me, you can always write to me at: