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Enjoyable Innovations for Motorcycles

by Urska STS

There have been plenty articles posted about helpful motorcycle innovations. This one will discuss my personal favorites.

The safety ball

There is a motorcycle jacket that turns into a giant orange ball when inflated and it may very well save your life one day. Basically, the jacket behaves like a parachute and completely cushions the wearer when opened.

As awesome as this is, I wonder how the ball would fare when bounced around incoming traffic. Surely, rolling around in a ball, although perhaps nauseating, may seem like a fun way to save your life, particularly if you have a passenger you can bounce around with.


Instruments that change color

Honda released a creative innovation for motorcyclists – instruments

that change color, 25 different ones, to be exact.

Personally, I’m a fan of the blue one.




Cheek pads that vibrate

This device is meant to connect to your helmet and helps the driver sense their blind spots better. Each time an automobile surpasses the rider, the device vibrates.

Think about driving down the highway in high traffic – you’ll get a free massage while you’re on the road!




Shark squall helmet
This wasn’t the first helmet to add LEDs on it for safety purposes, but it was the first to be used for driving in darkness.

As you can see, there is plenty of fun to be had with a helmet like this.




Motorbike unicycle

A young inventor created the first unicycle motorbike. The wheels on this contraption are parallel to one another instead of being in front/behind each other.
Much like a Segway, this unicycle motorbike can be used by all ages and seems like so much fun.



Motorcycle that glows in the dark

Glow in the dark bikes can also be quite fun to ride. The motorcycle can be painted with neon paints or covered with luminated stickers. You can also use LEDs in various colors, but that is a costlier approach.

You’ll not only have an enjoyable ride and get a lot of attention on the road, but you’ll also be visible in the dark, giving you an extra aura of safety and protection.





Hopefully, this article has given you some ideas you can use to enhance your gear or bike. If you have more ideas to share or want to comment on anything, send me an email at: