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Motorcycle stories and anecdotes

By Urska STS

Let’s go to not so not-so-distant past, about two years ago or so:

Every day I ride my bike to work.
Every day the same path.
Every day the same routine.
Every day the same junction.

I drive to it and turn on my indicator. I let a car pass me and passengers to cross the road. Right before I start to turn left, I think to myself: ‘Don’t forget to turn off your indicator after the turn.’ I complete my left turn and then cancel my indicator the second later.

BUT NOT THAT DAY – that day I drive to that same junction and turn on my indicator. As usual, I let a car pass me and right before, I start to turn left I think to myself: ‘Don’t forget to turn off your indicator after the turn.‘ I complete the turn and keep on driving.

After a while, I look into my left mirror and there is a car driving behind me, with an open window and a driver is sticking his hand out making at me a motorcycle hand sign that my turn signal is still blinking.☺


Luckily nothing happened on that day, but there is an important lesson to take away from here: do not forget to cancel your turn signals; it can lead to a something a lot more serious, than just an anecdote or a funny story you tell your friends about.


So today, we will NOT give you a list of ten most common mistakes motorcyclists can make or random number or how to properly use turn signals on a bike. Been there, done that, we can say!


Today, we are inviting you – our fateful readers, to share your motorcycle stories about turn signals with us. Share your funny and silly stories, anecdotes that happened to you and your friends, or stories you have heard along your motorcycle journeys.


Out of all the stories we get, we will be picking some favorites and those will be published in our next blog why they were our favorites. from those, we will pick the number one and that person will receive a STS device as a gift.


DISCLAMER: All the names in the stories will be change before being published, to ensure the anonymity of the participants. The only name that will be published is of the winner, if the winner will consent to it.