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Famous people who have been in motorcycle accidents


Do you know many motorcycle accidents and deaths there have been in World Grand Prix Motorcycle Racing Championship since it was founded in 1949? There have been 103 death total.


Here is an interesting, but sad fact; in Moto GP, there have only been 2 deaths – Daijiro Kato in 2003 and Marco Simoncelli in 2011. This is interesting because Moto GP is the heaviest and fastest of all categories in Championships.


The most deaths were in categories 500cc – there have been 28 deaths, since the year 1949. Factor in this could be that most races were done with bikes that have 500cc power.


List of famous people who were in motorcycle accidents, in particular order:

Billy Idol is a celeb, who has made appearance in my blog again. What can I say…I am a fan; I even went to his concert the last time he was in Slovenia. ☺ He had his accident in 1990; he almost lost a leg and was bedridden for months. Interesting fact: in the music video for song Cradle of love, Billy was shot only from the waist up, since he still needed the crutches for walking.


Luc Bourdon was a professional hockey player at NHL (a damn good one, if I do say so myself). He lost his life in 2008 when he got into a motorcycle accident with a tractor-trailer. The reasons for his death were high winds and his inexperience with motorcycle riding.


Bob Dylan was awesome reggae singer, who got into his accident way back in 1966. The extent of the injuries of his accident were never really known – one story is that he nearly died and the other one is that he only made it out with a few minor injuries. But, the biggest rumor of the time was that the accident was staged to give Bob some time off, from all the fans and spotlight.


David Hasselhoff is a singer and former ‘Baywatch’ star, who got into a motorcycle accident in 2003. The accident was not so severe. He and his ex-wife Pamela Anderson survived with only minor injuries. And, supposedly the accident was one of the reasons for their divorce, later on.


Mark Knopfler is a well-known and loved former singer of band Dire Straits. His accident happened when he was in London, in 2003. Mark drove his bike into a car.


Steven Tyler is Aerosmith lead singer, who got into a motorcycle accident with a tree. That is right, you read correct – he drove into a tree. He was on his way to pick up his daughter and ended up in an accident. His injuries took almost a year to heal.


Gary Busey is American actor, who was once a supporter of NOT wearing helmets. This almost cost him his life, back in 1988, when he got into an accident. But, as luck would have it, near his crash there was a police officer. The officer helps him until medical help came. Busy is now an active supporter of wearing helmets.


Marco Simoncelli was a professional Moto GP rider, who died in 2011 Malaysian Grand Prix at Sepang, after having crashed his bike on the track. I, and you I am sure, will never forget watching this in live on the TV, I just could not believe it then.


Liam Neeson is a famous actor, best known for movies Taken. He was involved in an accident near his home, in the year 2000. His accident was a bit strange one – when he was riding, he collided with a deer and broke his pelvis. He was OK, but this makes one funny story. ☺


The only know female who is known to have had a bike accident is Ann-Margret. She is an actor, best known for movie Bye Bye Birdie. She is also known as a motorcycle enthusiast and did commercials for motorcycle brand Triumph Motorcycles (not to be confused with Triumph Motorcycles Ltd.) in the 60’s. She got into a bike accident in 2000, where she broke three ribs and fractured her shoulder.

So, how many of these do you know were in a motorcycle accident? I know for about half.
But, what most surprised me, when I was doing my research was, how many of those were men.


Let us just hope you, have not been in similar situations. But if you have been and want to share our story with us, write to: