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Bad habits we take from the car to motorcycle riding

by Urska STS
Some of us got the driving license for car first. And then decided to get the motorcycle license.

And if you are like me, driving car for about 10 + years, you do not drive like you were taught in driving school. Well not entirely. You may have picked up some bad habits. Like eating while driving.

Here are some bad habits we picked up while driving a car and then transferred to bike riding. Once you pass a motorcycle-riding course.

Listening to music LOUD.

Listening to loud music can be a lot of fun. Until this causes you to not hear a car approaching you at the parking lot and waiting for you drive out and him to park in your spot. You just zoom out and not hear it (and also factoring in another bad habit not looking around and in the mirrors before driving/riding), can cause and accidents. Accidents hurt, safety does not.

Also listening to the music out loud on the headphones on the bike you will not hear the traffic around you e.g. ambulance or a speeding car that may tailgate you while you are standing at the red light.

Smoking while on the ride

So smoking is bad, on the general. We all know that. But that does not stop people from smoking in the car and then taking this bad, bad habit with them when they start to ride a bike.

I mean picture this, a biker full gear, except the visor of the helmet is up, so he/she can smoke while riding a straight, rather empty road. One, you can wait half an hour to stop and then smoke. I know you can from personal experience. My dad is a smoker and rider. If he can wait to stop and smoke at 55, so can you. Two, the smoking will distract you from your surroundings.

Driving with one hand

Driving with one hand is sometimes required, especially here in Europe where we all drive manual. ๐Ÿ˜› But driving with one hand can be dangerous, since you do not have full control of the steering wheel, as you do with both hands, in the right positions. And this bad habit can be transferred to bike riding. Riding with one hand on the bike can be even more dangerous than in the car, since you are more exposed on the bike. Also, if you are riding a heavier bike, you may not be able to control it properly with one hand only.

Using phone while driving

Using your phone, even wirelessly, in the car can be rather dangerous, since it is distracting. It is for a reason we name it ‘tunnel vision’, you stop to notice all traffic, like you are in a tunnel for real. The same bad habit can more dangerous on a motorcycle, since a small distraction can cause you to crash.

Failing to indicate

Well by now you are aware of this problem with cars and bikes. Just do it. And if you have the second problem with forgetting to cancel your turn signal just buy STS – you know what we are all about. ๐Ÿ˜›

Using electronic devices

Using electronic devices like GPS is helpful. They can get you from point A to point B. But can also take away the attention you should have been paying to the road. It would be better to use a voice guidance – since that one is slightly less distracting than looking at the monitor.

Road rage

O this is a good one. I would bet my next paycheck we have all done it at least one time in our lives. This bad habit can become even worse, when we go from driving a car to riding a motorcycle. The reason for it is that motorcyclist are even more exposed and overlooked on the road. And this can lead to road rage. Always assume that everyone will hit you and you will be fine.

Not checking blind spots

This habit is not so deadly when driving in the safety of your car. Now, imagine you do this as a bad habit (thou I hope you do not) on your bike. Even a car hitting you at a low speed, can be fatal for you. Or even worse, a truck hitting you because you did not check your blind spot.

Beside checking blind spots, always keep a look into your mirror when waiting at a red light if a car is not stopping at the right spot and may be ramming into you.

Merging improperly

Merging improperly in a car usually results in a minor accident. And almost always happen because the drivers are impatient and there is a huge traffic jam. Check out this video what can go wrong when a car merges improperly and almost runs over a biker. So the zip merge goes: left vehicle, right vehicle, left vehicle, right vehicle and so on.


The driver got between 200 – 300 US dolor fee. Please do not be like this driver, wheter you are in a car or on a bike.

Driving under the influence of alcohol

So this is a bad habit that can result much, much faster in a dead scenario for bikers than in a car. This saying must be true: there are old riders and there are drunk riders, but there are no old, drunk riders. When you hit a stationary object while driving and drinking, you may still get out alive. The same scenario with bike, no go. The highest percentage of deaths in motorcycle world are because of drunk driving. In 2015, there were 27 % fatal motorcycle crashes due to alcohol, in the comparison with 21 % of car drivers. ยน

Driving too fast for the weather conditions

This also could result in your deaths. Driving fast in car, especially in the rain, is an accident waiting to happen. If you take this bad habit with you to your bike riding, you will defiantly crash. Many riders do not even go for a ride in the rain, since it can be that dangerous.

There you have it. These are some of the bad habits that we take from car to motorcycle driving and wise versa of course.

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