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Motorcycle conspiracy theories

by Urska STS

I will assume all of you know about conspiracy theories. At least what the are.

No? You should definitely check them out. I would advise you to start with Ancient Aliens. I will leave the link down below.

I mean they really good entertainment and their first season actually had some proofs to it. But even in the last season it was still entertaining to watch and to ponder all the possibilities.
So let us ponder some conspiracy theories from motorcycle world.

Theory number one is that Paul McCartney was killed in a motorcycle accident in 1967 and was replaced by a double. And supposedly if you listen to some of his songs on the album that came out the same year (Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band) backwards, you can hear the double singing about Paul being dead.

Check it out yourselves:


But this theory is a bit farfetched. It kinda reminds me of listening vinyl records backwards of the band Judas Priest. If you listened very carefully, you should be able to hear satanic lyrics and words. ☺


Second conspiracy theory is that Prince was also killed in a motorcycle accident in 1985 and was replaced by a double, named Christopher. The new ‘Prince’ had a darker skin coloring, was shorter and his voice was deeper. He also refused to perform older more sexual songs live and took a different direction with his music genre.

Here are two photos of Prince prior 1985 (left) and after 1985 (right).¹

You can decide for yourself if there is something to it or not. Personally, I am kinda conflicted by these pics.

The third conspiracy theory is that princess Diana was killed by a black motorcycle and a white Fiat. The theory states that princess and her boyfriend were in car with the driver and bodyguard in the tunnel, after they tried to fled the paparazzi. The ‘witnesses’ stated that the passenger on the bike gave a signal to Fiat and a second later, the Fiat hit the car with princess in it. Once it was over the passenger got of the bike and checked if princess was still alive.

DUN DUN DUUUUN!!! She was not. After that, the bike passenger made a military hand symbol for all are dead at Fiat and they all drove away. Now, these were all according to witnesses, no new evidences were uncovered.

But I will let you be a judge of that. ‘The reason’ princess Diana was killed that she was pregnant and the next royal member would have been of a Muslim descent and this was a big no-no for a royal family. However, no evidence was found that she was pregnant, ever.

Last conspiracy is about Lawrence of Arabia. E.T. Lawrence was a motorcyclist through and through. He dead in a motorcycle accident. That is true. But then it get complicated by the conspicary theroy. The theory stats that Lawrence was killed by a black car and not by overlooking two kids on bicycles. The reason for his killing was that he knew a lot the secrets from the times when he was in Arabia and war times.


To cover up the accident his motorcycle was hidden and the autopsy was also staged so it appeared that he died after missing two kids bicycling on the road.

So which one of these do you believe? All? None? Some of them?

I personally belive that the most merit has the Prince theory. You can send me more supporting or disproving evidence to


Ancient Aliens: