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STS photo shoot and driving school course

by Urska STS team

Last week we had quite an interesting week. We spent most of it out of the office. We had professional photo shoot and filming. And we also attended an event for the start of the motorcycle season, to further promote STS device in Slovenia. The event was organize to help riders get adjusted to riding again and to get them back the feeling of riding again.

The filming and photo shoot was done on a driving polygon that was kindly provided by driving school VERDEV in ZŠAM Savinjska dolina. This way we did not have to shoot the movies and situations of misuse of turn signals and use of STS device on the road, with all other traffic.

We also shoot new photos for installation manual on Monday. On Thursday, we filmed all the various cases of STS usage. Lastly, we took some photos of the new members of the team.

The weather all week was a bit on the drowsy side, with the wind blowing all day and some rain during the days. But those were the prime conditions to film and photo shoot, since sun was not casting an shadows. And that is desired, as we have been told by photographer.

Here are some previews of the photo shoot from Thursday:

We went to the same polygon, but this time we went to an event. They had an safety crash course for motorcyclists, to help them start the season. The event was held by driving school Verdev and Šmarca.

And since we are all about motorcycle safety, went there to present STS device to new riders. At the beginning, we presented the device to all riders and invited them to try it out. The riders also got a quick course from motorcycle paramedic about how to help a wounded rider.

Then it was time to split into 3 groups, since there were 3 stations. We were part of station 2, where riders were riding in the circle to get the feeling of it. In the mean time, other riders could and did try riding bikes equipped with STS device. The bikes are owned by driving school that organized the event. They felt that this would help their learners and also increase safety in general.

The bikes used were two Yamahas MT-07 and KTM 125 Duke 2015. The last bike (on the right in the photo) was owned by one of the instructors. She tried STS on the school bikes and liked STS so much that she decided to buy one for herself. And since we were already there, we installed it for her. 😊

On the general, some riders have heard about us, some have not and some were really skeptical. But in the end, all agreed that the STS devices work as described and bring a nice new safety feature to the bikes. One rider who attended this course already owned STS device. He was very happy to see us again. At the end of event, another rider was so impressed with the device, that he placed an order for his own unit, there and then.

Once all the 3 groups went thought all stations, the learning portion of the event was offer and then came the socializing and food/drinks. There the riders could meet new people and got a chance to really talk.

This kind driving courses can be really helpful, especially at the start of the season. Like one of the instructors said: ‘A good motorcyclist never stops educating him/herself, since there is always something new to learn.’

And I have to agree with him. This is why we will be attending the repeat event, that will happen in start of May.

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