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Useful motorcycle hacks

by Urska STS

My friend who is a biker once went to this motorcycle fiesta. It was about 50 bikers all together. So not big one, but party all the way. They had music and beer and they were having a goood time. ☺


But here came this problem, the biker fiesta was set on this meadow, somewhere between two villages. Yes, we still have those in Slovenia and it usually a common thing to have fiesta or festivities in the middle of now where so we do not disturb others.

But back to my story, so the problem was with the parking of the bikes on the meadow. Bike’s stand keeps on sinking into the grounds and the bike keep on tipping over. And since my friend was a new to the biking world – he did not know what to do. Then comes the group of older, veteran bikers and helped him out – they gave him an empty, crashed beer can to put under the stand. Bike stopped tipping over.

Well, face it we were all there – new to one or another hobby, thing etc. And soon we all learned hacks and trick of it. Either online or form other enthusiasts. We especially love hacks that are cheap and also save time it would take us to go buy at the store. Or even the time not riding when your bike is at the mechanic getting your thing mounted.

Let us take a look at a few more popular ones.

Crashed beer stand

So we coverd using a crashed, empty beer can as a stand. Other items that can also be used are ‘…a wallet, a plastic water bottle, and even a helmet.’ ¹

Newspaper and magazines

Next hack is useful in the rain. Just right for this April’s weather. You can use newspaper to dry out your wet boots, over night. Put as much newspaper as possible in the boots. And do not forget to change the paper a few times. The newspaper and magazines can also be use for warmth. If you are wearing a light jacket and you want to be warmer, but are already on the road – use magazines, newspapers to keep the cold out, by putting paper inside lining of the jacket or between as a layer between jacket and your clothing. You can always use your girlfriend’s old Cosmos if you have one. I meant girlfriend, not Cosmo. 😛


Latex gloves and trash bags

Another cheap hack is using plastic or latex gloves under your riding gloves. This hack can be useful if you are riding and temperatures suddenly drop below normal riding conditions a.k.a. you cannot normal operate the bike with your hands. Or if it start to rain and you do not have your waterproof gloves with you. The latex gloves will keep you rather warm and dry.

The same hack you can also use for boots and jackets. But here I would recommend using trash backs and not latex gloves, as they will probably not fit on your feet. 😉 So put the trash bag whole in the boot and it will do the trick. As for keeping, your body warm/dry – poke another 3 holes in it for arms and head and put it on as layer between your regular clothing ad jacket. You will be warm and dry, until you can get home and take a nice hot shower.

Baby wipes

Cleaning helmet can be expensive, if you take to a professional cleaner. Using baby wipes can help you clean inside of the helmet and outside. But the important part is the inside – since you cannot put it in the wash machine, and you cannot use certain cleaners. Baby wipes are delicate enough, not to damage the insides. After all they are made for babies. Baby wipes can also be used for cleaning your leathers, they are so delicate.

As for cleaning the outside and getting rid of those pesky bug splatters – use a wet towel and put it on the helmet. Let it sit for a few minutes. This will rehydrate the bug and the cleaning will be much more easier. Also try using one big motion and always in one direction and not circular motions. This will help you make fewer scratches on the visor.

Bicycle shorts

We have all come across ass pains so hard we could barely walk the next day. Especially on the multiday rides. You can use a cheap trick to help your poor bottom – use padded bicycle shorts. It will serve the same function as on a bicycle. It will keep your muscles from getting to sore.


Plastic zip baggie
For the hack, you do not even have to go to a store. Use small plastic zip baggie you have in you kitchen and put your electronics, papers, and other stuff you do not want to get wet in it. Then you can put his baggie in a backpack or in your bag. This will keep your stuff safe, the same as mentioned before latex gloves and trash bags.


Duct tape

One of the oldest tricks is using duct tape as a sun blocker. Taping a stripe of duck tape across you helmet at the top of the visor works like shadow and blocks the sun out. This can be especially handy, since a lot of us cannot use sunglasses while wearing helmets. When you do not need sun blocker duct tape, you can re-tape it on the back of your helmet.


Last hack is carrying a duct tape and some basic tools with you. This is more of a tip I know. But still… I know how useful that can be in a car from personal experiences, so why not on a bike? It just may come handy one day. And, as the MythBusters have proven duct tape can be used in a numbers situations.

So, what hacks or tips do you use? Share them with me, since you can never know too many. Particularly in motorcycle world that is rather expensive. You can write to me at my usually account: