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Beginner guide: Buying motorcycle gear first time

by Urska STS

Ok, so last week as you already know (if not here is a link) I decided to get my motorcycle license. Well, a week has passed and I still had not had the time to apply to take for theoretical part of the test. We have just been so busy at work, that I had not had the time to study or even apply for the test. We have attended a four-day motorcycle fair, where we presented STS. Link to the pic of fair:


But I did have the time to browse a motorcycle catalog and look at all the pretty gear that women want to wear. But let us be real for a sec, I knew I could not afford to buy whole leather gear. The next logical step was to go to a motorcycle store and buy all the stuff I will need, once I get my motorcycle license. Let not all of it in one buy, but I wanted, just like every kid dreams about when he/she gets to the toys store.

There were two reasons for the visiting store. One reason was curiosity and the second was that I do not want to use a borrowed gear from driving school when I am learning to drive. I mean I do not know who has used it before me. I that just creeps me out. Nope, cannot do it! Plus once I get the license I will have to buy the equipment anyway. So why not do it before hand and these way I will ‘only’ have to buy a motorcycle once I get the license.
We all know five must own and wear pieces of protective gear I need to buy:

1. A helmet is mandatory in Slovenia by law; it will protect your head from the wind while riding and in case you have an accident from all the impacts.
2. A jacket will protect your upper body if you fall down. This means that wearing proper jacket is the difference between bruised or bloody and scraped to the bones.
3. Pants have the same purpose as the jacket – they will protect your skin if you have an accident. Especially, in the knee and hip areas.
4. Boots or proper footwear has two points. First is for good traction, while standing at a junction and the second is protecting your ankles in the case of an accident.
5. The human instinct is to extend you hands if you are falling and we all do these. Gloves will protect your hands, at least to some degree.
Additionally, if you buy the one that has the plastic cover for knuckles, it will give you even more protection.
Additional pieces are back protector, if your jacket does not have in built-in, neon yellow reflective vest and cap you can put on before you put on your helmet. Some bikers also consider earplugs and long underwear part of the protective gear.
Ok, so I went to one of those motorcycle stores. And I took my dad with me since he is a biker and therefore knows all the stuff, I might not. And let us face it any kind of shopping is more fun if you are not alone. 😁

I bought just two things in this visit anyway. I bought helmet and pants, which were a gift from my parents for my 28 birthday, which was at the start of this month. Yeah, they were always cool like that – for my 17th birthday, I got money for my first tattoo from them. Find it strange; we are a family of five and all of us have min two tattoos per family member. Technically, I did not buy the pants, but still I had to pick them out and in the end, I paid with my mom’s card, since she did not go with us there.

Pants are ROAD Touring 1.0 Female and were around 70 Euros. They are great for warm weather and have air pockets. However, the most important thing is that they have an adjustable waist and that made them perfect in my mind, since I have a small waist and rather nicely shaped ass, if I do say so myself, a.k.a. I have a pear shaped body. Here are some pics of pants off and on me. The pants I bought can be worn over regular jeans; therefore, you can take them off at the destination, like at work.

– Manufacturer: Road
– Color: black/grey
– Material: 100 % polyester
– Two pockets on the side and two on the side
– Reflective lines on front, sides, and back
– Ventilation zipper on thighs
– Certified knee pads (EN 1621-1)

The second thing I bought was a Nolan white helmet. I knew I wanted to get a brightly colored helmet because safety is first. Although I wanted to buy a black helmet with some cool designs, I settled on the white one, since safety matters more than favorite color. In the end, I was super happy how I looked in the white one. The other factor in buying the white helmet was that all white and black helmets in a store were on sale. That meant the difference of around 80 Euros in the price range and that sealed the deal for me. I got a white Nolan helmet N87 Special Plus N-Com 015.

They also told me, that they would replace the helmet, if it does not fit correctly – meaning pinching, looseness, pressing too hard on top of the head. However, they would not replace the helmet, if it has been worn for riding already. So I would advise anyone, who is buying a new helmet to take this advice. It would be rather uncomfortable if your helmet does not fit and you are 200 km away from home.

In the end, I paid for the helmet around 106 Euros. Here are the specifications and some pics of my very first motorcycle helmet. The helmet is a full-face helmet and it is not integrated. Meaning you cannot make it open face helmet. But what type of helmet do you get is a personal chose – a full-face, integrated or open face. Just make sure you try out the helmet before you buy it!

– Manufacturer: Nolan
– Color: white
– Motorcycle standard: ECE 22/05
– The outer shell material: machine-molded polycarbonate Lexan EXL
– Visor: transparent, scratch-resistant UV protection from harmful rays
– Pinlock attached to the silicone border
– Ventilation: adjustable – air vents in front of the chin, above the visor and on the crown of the helmet
– Warranty: 5 years, with yearly helmet service inspection

Now, I just have to buy the shoes, gloves and back protector. Right now, you are wondering if I forgot the jacket right. Nope, I did not. I have been given a brand new, only worn twice motorcycle jacket that fits me perfectly. That is telling a lot since I am a girl that has almost 1.80 m in height, so I need extra length for my arms. 😜

If you do not wear your jacket, your protective gear will become your skin. I seriously doubt you want that. I know I do not and that is the why I am buying all the possible gear. Also, the jacket has removable inner linen for that will keep me warm in colder weather, or colder without it in the summer time. I know I would have loved to have to have a leather jacket, but motorcycle equipment is expensive and with the pants as a gift, that means two free safety gear pieces.

– Manufacturer: Suomy
– Color: black with red collar
– Material: 100 % polyester
– Two pockets in the front
– Reflective lines on shoulders and on the back
– Ventilation zipper on chest area
– Probably certified (I do not have the receipt for jacket) elbow pads

The last thing I will definitely buy is a neon colored vest that fits over the jacket, so I will be more visible on the road. Now, I am sure that not only one, but TWO new pieces of riding gear will get me to take the theoretical test soon. Moreover, the all I need is a couple more things of safety gear and then it is riding time.
Here is a picture of mine in all the motorcycle safety gear I own:


If you own some good protective gear and I still do not own it, send me info and I might consider it. In next week’s blog, I will post, if I bought any new gear and if finally took the theoretical part of the test and maybe even passed it.

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