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How I decided to get a motorcycle license

by Urska STS

Let us go to the not so distant past …

I was just starting my first job at a startup company. My first job ever, if you do not count the student works. Can you guess which company am I talking about? 😎

Fast forward six months I have been here with Smart Turn System for a while now and I love it. I also learn every day a lot about the motorcycle world. I like that a lot. Because any opportunity to learn something new is always, welcome.


So about 2 months ago, all the ideas, and wishes about riding and owning a motorcycle, from high school came back. And then I found out that also one of my coworkers does not have the license. We talked and decided to get to go thought the process of getting a motorcycle license together.

The first step was finding a driving school that also learns motorcycle riding. There are like million driving schools in Ljubljana that also offer motorcycle-driving lessons. So which school to use? For sure one that it is not too expensive, but still gives you very descent motorcycle knowledge. In the end, we did what we all do, when facing unknown thing. We asked around people we know, if they know anything about these and if they can give us any advice. Of course, the obvious connection we had was Miha Kovac, who put us in touch with his riding instructor.

Now if you are from Slovenia, you know how this process goes if you want to get a driving license for any category. At least in general. But for the readers elsewhere you have to first attend a lecture about traffic regulations, then you have to take the test provided by government. O… and did I mention the exam at doctors, so they can see that you are fit to drive. No? Well, you have to take one too. And let us not forget the first aid course, if this is your very first time getting any kind of driving license.

Once you pass the theoretical test, then you can start with your first riding lesson. When you have the minimum of 20 riding hours, you can take the main test. The practical test consist of two parts. First part consist of a few tasks on polygon, e.g. emergency braking, riding around traffic cones…The second part is riding on the road, so they can see if you know traffic regulations. But you do not get to this part, if you fail the tasks on polygon. So make sure to pass the first part, cuz the second part is easy. Especially, if you have been driving a car for 5 + years, since you already know all the traffic rules.

But back to my story. We talked to driving instructor and two weeks later, we were in a classroom, as if we are back in high school, for the lecture about traffic regulations. The lecture was a 2-day event and there were about 10 people there. There was only two other girls besides me. The good thing was that in this group there were only people who had a car license. Therefore, we speed repeated road signs and traffic rules. The more important parts were the differences in the rules between car and motorcycle. The most obvious one is the mandatory gear for motorcyclist in Slovenia. Well the mandatory is only a helmet. But if you care about your safety, you will go full ATGATT (All The Gear All The Time).

The class was ok, but very informative about motorcycles. Especially for a girl like me, who has never been a motorcycle, as a passenger or any other kind. The first time I even set on bike was when we had a photo shoot (pic down below).

And here we are – me learning to take my theoretical test and you waiting on next info – like when will I start my first riding lesson. 😅 But since we are a the tests, let us look at some statistics about pass rate of driving test (for all categories) from different countries.

The most difficult driving test to pass is the driving test in Japan, where no one ever passes it the first time. Also the whole process is rather long and expensive. The easiest driving tests to pass are in Mexico and Pakistan. In Mexico, you do not have to take any test, just pay for the driving license document. In Pakistan, you have to drive your car in polygon between some cones. Alternatively, if you have money, you can pay to pass the test and this way will not have to even drive.


And of course the data for pass/failure rate for driving license for motorcycle is rather hard to find. The only I could find is for UK, where the rate of passing for motorcycles (71 %) is higher than for car (49 %).

What was your experience with the riding lesson? Do you have any advice you can give me? Send them to me at