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Safety first: Because you only live once

by Yves STS

Do you know how many motorcyclists die on the road every year?

Only in British Colombia, 330 motorcyclists were seriously injured in 440 motorcycle accidents last year!

This would mean on average 11 motorcyclists die on the road in that region every year. Imagine if we calculate this number for the whole of Canada.

One of the main cause of accidents is the misuse of turn signals.

The problem with motorcycles is that kind of events can lead to an accident. And bikers are more likely to get killed in a road crash than car drivers. In 2014, the federal government in the United States estimates that per mile travelled, the number of deaths on motorcycles was over 27 times the number in cars.¹


There are many facts that can cause accidents on the road like distracted driving. Compared to car drivers, bikers have less means of protection. So, this means that one mistake may lead them to death or cause them serious damages. A study made by SAE International² revealed that out of 10,000 turning vehicle sonly about75% of bikers use their turn signals to indicate their next manoeuvre. Basically, that means that1 out of 4 riders at least is more likely to provoke an accident or to get seriously injured in a bike crash.


The other part of the study was focused on observing lane changing vehicles. A total of 2,000 vehicles were observed and the results were intriguing. They found out that only 52% of bikers use their turn signals when they change lines. Those low percentages are the proof that a lot can be done to improve road safety for everybody. Turn signals are the only way how participants of the traffic communicate between them.

Let me show you the importance of turn signals – I’m going to illustrate you a little scenario. Imagine if your brake lights come on only 75% of the time whenever you press the brake pedal. In your opinion, what would happen?

Using brake lights at the same rate as turn signals would create a complete chaos on the roads and lead to much higher risk of crashes in any kind of traffic situations. Riding in town where distances between vehicles are very short would become a hell of a challenge! Luckily for us, brake lights turn on each time we break. On the road, the result is a better communication between participants. And it makes riding a safer and a more enjoyable experience. Educating people on the use of turn signals will have the same impact.


Today, an innovative technology came out with the aim of automatically self-cancel turn signals, the Smart Turn Signal. Mixing that technology with your ability to turn on turn signals is going to make riding more fun. Because you know that thanks to Smart Turn System, you won’t need to care about turning your turn signals off. You will just focus on the road, enjoy your ride and arrive at your destination safely. Because we only live once!

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