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Slovenian police officers and paramedics on motorcycles will now be safer when on duty.

by Miha Ernstschneider STS

Slovenian police officers and paramedics are the first in the world using Smart Turn System – world’s best and most reliable self-cancelling turn signal system for their motorcycles
Police officers and paramedics on motorcycles are those special forces that are usually the first ones to respond to emergency situations, accidents or simply coming to help the citizens on numerous occasions. In those situations, every second counts so their ride is often very fast, on the edge of the riders and motorcycles’ capability, they are crossing intersections through red lights and breaking their way through traffic anyway possible, what exposes them to very dangerous situations in those unpredictable circumstances in order to be present at the most critical situations as soon as possible.

The Slovenian Traffic Safety Agency is recognising the importance of safety of those special Police and Paramedic forces on motorcycles that are taking care of safety of other citizens and while doing it, they are putting their own lives at risk. The motorcycle ride shouldn’t be subjected to compromises and there is no room for error, so every detail counts.

Jure Leben, State Secretary of the Ministry of Infrastructure emphasised: “Being focused on all details around them while on an urgent ride takes a lot of energy, anticipation and can be very stressful for a rider. Thanks to technology evolution and cooperation between the automotive industry and legal bodies, those noble men and women will be safer when performing their daily duties and saving lives.”

Miha Kovač, CEO of the company that invented the Smart Turn System, has pointed out the importance of proper turn signal use in traffic: “Some may not recognise the importance of proper indications and the dangers of turn signal misuse, but statistics show that turn signal misuse contributes to a similar percentage of accidents in traffic as distracted driving. In cars, we are still using a 77-year-old technology to operate turn signals and it still isn’t perfected enough so we could fully rely on the technology and the situation on motorcycles is even worse, since the indication and cancellation of turn signals on motorcycles are only manually operated on more than 90% of the motorcycles we are sharing the roads with.”

A great step forward in the evolution of safety on motorcycles was made as a part of the collaboration between automotive industry, legal bodies, entrepreneurs and other influential partners who proved that cooperation is the key to making the world a better place for all of us. The biggest impact can be made by becoming a role model in the segment of your influence and the company Movalyse, the Slovenian Traffic Safety Agency, Slovenian Police and Paramedics achieved just that – they followed what they stand for and a greater goal was achieved by going hand in hand.

A young Slovenian start up company, Movalyse d.o.o., has gathered a team of experts and motorcycle enthusiasts that devoted their lives to make the roads safer for riders. Following their vision to achieve that no rider will ever have an accident again, they developed a special device and a very complex algorithm, that allows them to fully understand the motorcycles’ movement – and their first application of their technology is the Smart Turn System, a system for automatic cancellation of turn signals on motorcycles, that is the first credible, reliable and accurate solution without any competition in this segment. The inventors also claim they will have a lot more to offer in the future that will increase the riders safety and comfort.