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Make your motorcycle awesome and your turn signals stand out



STS Referral Program

It’s time to reward our amazing motorcyclist’s community.

If it weren’t for you, our amazing group of riders we would not be able to develop the most advanced self-cancelling turn signal add-on on the world. Through our beta-test and ambassadors program, we have learned a great deal about different riding habits and styles. Even more, we were able to spread the word together and make the roads a lot safer.

Now we would like to present you an opportunity to join our refer-a-friend program that we have established to reward our loyal customers and evangelists.

By joining our refer-a-friend program, you will get the chance to earn 20€ for every Smart Turn System sold through your unique referral code.

So, I guess you are very interested how does STS referral program work.



Visit Program’s website (  and join the program by entering your email and name (optional) on the bottom of the page. Click »Start referring« and you’ll get inside of the refer-a-friend sharing page.



Copy the unique referral link (arrow pointing to it) that you receive and share it with your friends. Now, you may ask yourself where should I share this link. The answer is rather simple – the more friends that see it, the more money you can receive. Examples of how to share this link:

  • Share it through email (use the pink box under the referral link) > you can send an email to your friends, family, co-workers, other members of your motorcycle club, etc. You have pre-written text, but you can always add a more personal note to reach further.
  • Share it on forums that you are participating in > please follow the forum rules and guidelines and be polite in your post
  • Share it through Facebook group that you are a member of > paste a link and add a comment why do you believe in this product
  • Share it directly on Facebook or Twitter by using blue and light blue tab under the link
  • You can also share it on your website or blog > especially if you have motorcycling content

Once again, the more people you reach, the more money you can get through the refer-a-friend program. You get 20€ for every successful referral. So 20 € for each one who buys Smart Turn System through your link. And that is not all > your friend will also receive a 7% discount through your link.



You will receive an email with the same referral code, so you have it in your inbox. Once again, if you have forgotten to share it with any group or some friends you can do it through link or directly on Facebook or Twitter (blue or light blue box).




Now, this is everything you have to do to share your referral successfully and start earning money. Now. Let’s go through commonly asked questions:

1. Can I change my referral link

Yes, you can do that in your refer-a-friend portal > you can access it the link in the bottom of the e-mail (Customize my referral link)

*to access your portal you’ll need to create a password for your e-mail


2. Can I track my links and rewards

Yes, you can do that in your refer-a-friend portal* > you can access it the link in the bottom of the e-mail (Track your rewards). You will also receive an email every time your friend makes a purchase and when the order is complete

*to access your portal you’ll need to create a password for your e-mail


3. How do I claim my reward?

You will receive funds directly to your PayPal account*. We take two days after the order completion to validate the order and complete the process.

*You enter your PayPal account into your refer-a-friend portal which you can access through your email  > how do I claim reward

4. Do I lose funds if I don’t enter my PayPal account?

No, you don’t lose money, but we will send you an email to remind you to enter your PayPal account.


5. Is it safe to provide you with my PayPal email?

Yes, it is entirely safe all the transfers are made directly through Referral candy website. You only need to enter your PayPal account email without any other information. This way we can transfer funds but we have no access what so ever to your account.