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Your new favourite add-on for your motorcycle brake light – introducing the Smart Brake Module

by Miha Ernstschneider STS
Every rider needs attention, every rider »Deserves a Brake« and with SMART BRAKE MODULE, you’ll get it all, everything and much more from your existing motorcycle brake light.

After mastering the motorcycle movement in an unprecedented extent and precision, and after the successful launch of the world’s smartest self-cancelling turn signal module, the Smart Turn System, it is time to introduce your next favourite motorcycle add-on, the SMART BRAKE MODULE.

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The brake light modulator will be available for PRE-ORDER already in the second half of Septembre 2017,  so don’t miss your chance to be among the first riders that will have the smartest motorcycle brake light out there and subscribe to the special invite list.

The innovative approach of tracking motorcycle movement in traffic made it possible to create the most advanced motion analysing technology for motorcycles that will apply to several solutions, and here it is -> the backoff brake light of the future, smartest motorcycle brake light module, the Smart Brake Module (SBL).

Why does every rider deserve the Smart Brake Module? Here are some basic facts:

  • Flashing light patterns attract more attention and make you more visible to motorists behind you
  • Motion sensor technology detects deceleration even when you are not applying brakes, and it still signals that you are decelerating to other motorists, even when you are braking with the engine
  • Shorter pulses of light appear brighter to the human eye than a constant beam of light with the same intensity
  • It increases your visibility
  • Makes you safer and your motorcycle more visible on the road

Already in the second half of Septembre, the Smart Brake Module will be available for pre-order, and we prepared a special discount for the first 100 riders, that will pre-order the smartest motorcycle brake light modulator out there.

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Take a Brake and ride safer with Smart Brake Module.