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STOP! Your motorcycle deserves a BRAKE: Pre-orders available

by Miha Ernstschneider STS
In our lastest »newsflash«, we teased you with some basic facts, what our next smart product can add to your motorcycle safety and as follows, we will show you all the specific features of your next favourite add-on.

Motorcycles are harder to see in traffic since their frontal visual appearance is significantly smaller compared to other four-wheeled vehicles. We have already written about our TOP 5 motorcycle safety tips and we developed a new generation of your new favourite add-on as well – The Smart Brake Module.

The innovative approach of tracking movement in traffic made it possible to create the most advanced motion analysing technology that will apply to several solutions and here are some of the most important features of backoff brake light of the future, smartest motorcycle brake light module, the Smart Brake Module (SBM):

• Universally compatible with every existing motorcycle brake light
• Incredibly precise and accurate – detects even the smallest deceleration forces
• Detects every deceleration and turns on your brake light even when you are braking with the engine
• Works in all decelerating situations, regardless if braking with brakes, braking with the engine, when riding up- or downhill, in an upright position or when cornering
• Works with standard bulbs, LED or HID lights
• Very small and easy to fit – not much bigger than a box of matches
• Easy to hide under your motorcycle seat
• Developed by riders for the riders

Rear-end collisions in traffic represent up to 25% of accidents in traffic, and the consequences are far more severe for a motorcyclist than for the cagers. The only light signals available for the rider to communicate with the following traffic behind him are the tail light, brake light and turn signals. We have already developed a brilliant system to improve your turn signal system, and we are excited to show you our next smart innovation, the Smart Brake Module (SBM) that is from now on available for PRE-ORDER at special discounted prices. Make sure to submit your email to secure your unique preorder invitation and increase your visibility and safety on the road.

Every rider »Deserves a Brake« and with SMART BRAKE MODULE, you’ll get it all, everything and much more from your existing motorcycle brake light.

Make your every ride a joyful experience and get the proper attention to stay safe in traffic.