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TOP 5 must-have motorcycle accessories to ride safer – Can’t wait to try #1

by Miha Ernstschneider STS

We all know riding a motorcycle is not the safest thing to do, but it’s like a drug – have a taste of it, and you’ll probably get addicted sooner or later. It is the one addiction you want to be addicted to, so you need to stay alive to keep on doing it. Therefore I prepared my TOP 5 must-have motorcycle accessories and equipment that you’ll want to include on your wishlist. You need to check #1 on the list.

When the #1 was announced, the news spread all over the world in a matter of hours. It made you sad when the idea died, and fortunately, it was reborn just recently, and it just might become the Riders #1 choice, not only in my blog but everywhere two-wheelers are appreciated.

There are thousands of motorcycle parts, gear and apparel that are promising a safer ride, but since some things only contribute to »nice-to-have« part, I decided to take out my top 5 motorcycle accessories with a significant added value for the safety of the rider.

#5 Reflective motorcycle gear and equipment

First, let me cover the difference between »reflective « and »fluorescent « gear since quite a lot of riders don’t know the difference. When talking about reflection, you need to think of a material with mirror-like attributes. When the light hits the reflective gear, the light reflects with the same colour (the same wavelength). On the other hand, the fluorescent materials reflect the light with different colours since they change the wavelength of the light that hits the surface. Both depend on the light that hits it, but reflective equipment may serve you in a broader range of conditions.

Either way, both options significantly contribute to your visibility on the road, and this is precisely what you aim for when thinking about safety on your motorcycle. In the nighttime, when light conditions get very poor, every reflecting detail on your motorcycle helmet, jacket, vest, gloves or reflective tape on your bike can make a huge difference in you getting noticed by other drivers. You can check some recommendations for motorcycle gear for night time riding and see what is good, better and the best to choose from.

Especially in the nighttime, when light conditions are deficient, every reflecting detail on your motorcycle helmet, jacket, vest, gloves or reflective tape on your bike can make a huge difference in you getting noticed by other drivers. You can check some recommendations for motorcycle gear for night time riding and see what is good, better and the best to choose from.

#4 Motorcycle airbag jacket

The basic concept of how a motorcycle airbag jacket works is pretty much the same as in cars. After the system deploys the airbag, the air pockets inflate to secure the most vulnerable body parts around your collarbone and your torso. The main difference comparing it to the cars’ system is how the system gets deployed and what chemical ingredients are used to inflate the cushions.

There is a nice video from Revzilla where you can see how the Helite airbag jacket looks, how it gets deployed and several different variations of different designs.

A more affordable substitute to a jacket is an airbag vest which you can put over your existing motorcycle jacket and can also serve as a reflective vest at the same time. Whatever option you prefer it will significantly reduce injuries in a motorcycle accident and give you that extra layer of protection.


#3 Smart Brake Module

As a biker, you want to get noticed on the road, and everything that increases your visibility adds to your safety. While braking, you signal deceleration to other drivers with your brake light. But there is an important thing missing, and that is braking with the motorcycle engine. When you release the throttle, your speed decreases very rapidly comparing to other vehicles, but there is nothing that would signal the motorcycle engine braking to the motorists behind him, which can get you rear-ended. Adding a smart piece of motorcycle equipment such as the Smart Brake Module can have a great impact on your safety on a motorcycle.

There are also some motorcycle accessories that you can mount on the helmet, the one I like the most is the Brake Free, and in my opinion, it would nicely complement the best Smart Brake Module for your motorcycle with a great piece of motorcycle accessory for your helmet.

#2 Smart Turn System

Self-cancelling turn signal module is the one feature that shouldn’t be considered as an add-on motorcycle part but should already be a standard motorcycle equipment, integrated from the factory. Period. No rider enjoys riding a motorcycle because it is so great operating the turn signals manually and let’s be honest, with all those small buttons on the handlebar switch, it’s all quite messy, especially when wearing thicker gloves. The other thing is that there are countless situations where we need to focus on other things, instead on the turn signals and here is where the STS will take care of yourself and your turn signals.

Jeremy Clarkson, the famous host of the former Top Gear series and the author of the book Round the Bend once said that indicators on a motorcycle want to kill you and in his book he mentioned, that: “…for some extraordinary reason, the indicators do not self-cancel, which means you will drive with one of them on permanently, which will lead following traffic to think you are turning right. It will then undertake just as you turn left, and you will be killed.

It happens far too often that riders cancel their turn signal late or even forget to do so. Not that this makes them bad riders, but the fact is that riding a motorcycle requires a lot more from the rider to focus on and humans do make mistakes. There are countless motorcycle parts and accessories like buzzers, timers, flash counters, but only one solves the turn signal issues entirely, and that is the Smart Turn System.

#1 Smart Helmet

I’m pretty sure you heard of SKULLY, the worlds Smartest motorcycle helmet, that began to revolutionise helmets and the whole motorcycle world for riders back in 2013. With innovative integrated technology, like transparent HUD display, 180° rearview camera, voice control and smart connectivity, these were just a few features of what looked like a promising future of motorcycling, The news overflowed the motorcycle world like a tsunami, and the feedback was nothing less than amazing.

A successful Indiegogo campaign launched SKULLY to become the »hot stuff« of every motorcycle news platform, but, unfortunately, it ended quite sadly. The founders, Marcus and Mitchell Weller, used the crowdfunding money for their personal amusement, buying expensive cars and expensive parties, as later on a lawsuit from one of their employees revealed. The backers were left empty-handed, and the expression »You got Skully-ed.« became a phrase for a number of unsuccessful Indiegogo projects.

Just recently, Ivan Contreras and Rafael Contreras, successful businessmen in a variety of global turnaround industrial and technology ventures decided to make it right. Reviving the SKULLY project in a newly founded company called SKULLY technologies, the new founders are promising to deliver the SKULLY helmet, now called the Fenix AR helmet, to all the backers by the middle of 2018. Revolutionary helmet seems to grasp its way to existence, but we’ll have to wait for a little less than a year to see if it will finally come to light.

If you are in love with your existing helmet but would still like to upgrade with HUD display and enjoy the benefits of connectivity and some other innovative features, there is another alternative solution that also found its way to the covers of motorcycle magazines – the NUVIZ Head-Up Display. For half of the price compared to SKULLY, it basically provides the same or at least similar features, and as the manufacturer claims, it can be mounted on almost any existing motorcycle helmet. Unfortunately, I hadn’t had the chance to try the NUVIZ HUD yet, but I’m eager to try it on my first occasion since I believe that this technology will become a standard motorcycle equipment for every rider in the near future.

Technology in the automotive industry is advancing on a daily basis, but the two-wheeled part of the industry seemed to be asleep until recently. The advanced technology appeared in cars a lot sooner than on motorcycles, but that seems to change rapidly, especially after the introduction of self-driving and automated vehicles. The automation of traffic will become a fact someday, and if the motorcycle industry wants to survive, a lot will have to change to integrate motorcycles into automated traffic.

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems and connectivity systems are slowly breaching into the conservative minds of the leaders of Motorcycle industry, especially with the new generation of riders and small start-up businesses, that are setting high demands on the market and introducing solutions that either needed to be integrated decades ago or were thought impossible to be developed.

Either way, the safety aspect is gaining in its importance in the industry, and this is the most crucial part of the future of motorcycling since the hobby is considered very dangerous. If riders and motorcycles can get safer, it could only attract more enthusiasts to become a part of the community.

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