Fatal motorcycle crashes manily caused by rider error?!


Approximately 70% of all fatal motorcycle crashes involve rider error, such as rider riding wide in a curve, alcohol drinking or not owning a driving licence.

This has to be one of the most shocking information I have read in some time.
So, then I thought to myself, what can I or you, as motorbike rider do to reduce risk for yourself?

Things you can do to minimize the result of fatal crashes:

– Wearing your helmet is a must! Wearing helmet reduces head injury by 69 % (CDC).
– Bluetooth headset has two benefits – you can talk to other riders, if you are riding in a group; and if you have an accident, you can call for help quicker.
– Refining your motorcycle skills can be useful too. It can prepare you what to expect on the road. Most importantly, what are the most common errors riders make on the road and how to avoid those.
– Using add-on devices so you can focus on the road more – wind shields, bigger mirrors, buzzers or turn signal cancelling devices.

I hope these advices will be useful to you. If you know any other, you can share them with us at contact@safer-turn.com.