One forgotten turn signal can compromise your safety

One forgotten turn signal

can compromise your safety

STS' advanced technology

reduces risk and enhances freedom

Smart Turn System cancels turn signals flawlessly

So you can focus on the road

How STS works

1000+ riders trust STS on the road

Perfection is a marketing word. We have nothing to hide and this is why we have gathered ALL the reviews so you can get the complete STS experience.
Critiques and Reviews

Richard White

Richard White

"Well done guys, this should be a standard fitting on all bikes. Fantastic, Brilliant, I no longer leave my indicators flashing for miles.” (STS Fb)

George Beaver

George Beaver

"I've just got back after a 160 mile trip and can honestly say the STS worked just as it should. If it saves me from meeting the Tarmac once then it has paid for it self Ten times over." (STS Fb)

James G. Young

James G. Young

“Fitted your system to my motorcycle. It is working perfectly! Every bike should have one of these. Every rider should want one. Thank you so much for such a great product.” (STS Fb)

Upgrade your motorcycle

Solution that is taken for granted in cars will now save lives on motorcycles!
Focus on the next decision rather than the last one!

Why do I need STS?

Human error can be prevented!

Neglected turn signal results in more crashes than distracted driving!

Join us on the path to make the road a safer place for motorcyclists!

Get STS on your motorcycle

STS - Smart Turn system moduleSTS - Smart Turn system module chip

STS is compatible with most motorcycle brands and models! Check yours bellow!

More Freedom

More Safety

More Comfort

Less Distractions

Simple Installation

Easy to Use


Ride Safer with STS!
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Smart Turn System

Motorcycle world Safety innovation of the year!

Smart Turn System