Reasons for not using turn signals on motorcycles



Top reasons for not using turn signals on motorcycles are:

• Not enough time,
• Laziness,
• Forgetfulness,
• Other driver do not use them also,
• Not using turn signal adds excitement to riding.





What can you take from this? Clearly, the non-use or misuse of turn signals has become some sort of a running joke.




Let us look at some statistics. 2 million crashes happen every year in the USA due to neglected turn signals. Those 2 million crashes could have been prevented (Source: R. Ponziani).



How, you ask?




Here are some advices from your fellow riders:

– When we ride in a group, we put the riders who have problems with blinkers in the middle, so not to cause issues with others (participants in the traffic).
– I simply do not use indicators, this way I will not forget to turn them off.
– I use buzzers, so I always know if I left turn signal on.


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