Ride with Smart Turn System

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“When I was asked by E-i-C Duke to test the Smart Turn System, I said I was willing, but I fully expected to dislike the Smart Turn System and remove the unit from my bike once the test was complete. Well, it’s time for me to eat a little crow and say up front that the little black box I installed on my personal R6 is going to stay.” – Evans Brasfield, Motorcycle.com journalist, Full article: HERE

“Hi guys and girls, as one of those people that too often forgets to cancel my indicators, I was glad to take delivery of the STS unit a few days ago. It took me an hour to fit the device, most of the time taken up with removing the fairings on my Versys 650 and locating the correct wires. Still to cut the story short, any competent home mechanic should have little problem with the installation. But the proof of the pudding is in the eating as they say or in this case the riding. I am not sure what magic has been used in the creation of this device but it works just as I would hope, It doesn’t cancel early as some devices do, it tolerates me weaving about without cancelling, it does cancel on exiting roundabouts, it understands lane changes, right and left turns of all sorts of severity, in fact it’s just magic.
Well done guys, this should be a standard fitting on all bikes. Fantastic, Brilliant, I no longer leave my indicators flashing for miles.” – Richard White, Smart Turn System Facebook page

Full video of ride with STS – Roman Štancer, one of our first users, married father of two children, makes 500+ km every month (even in winter) 

“It auto-cancels turn signals after a turn or lane change. I just rode around a bit and it is incredibly sensitive. I turned on my right blinker and shifted a lane to the right in order to get ready to turn, and even that slight movement cancelled it as though I were just lane changing. Made me chuckle. Very cool device!” – Tavataar, REDDIT

“Fitted your system to my Triumph Sprint GT. It is working perfectly! Every bike should have one of these. Every rider should want one. Thank you so much for such a great product.” – James Graham-Young, Smart Turn System Facebook page

“STS su Kawa Z1000SX 2016. Va benissimo!!! Sono molto contento. Grazie :)- Danik Cipoz, Smart Turn System Facebook page

Just fitted my system and taken it for a test ride….brilliant! It took about 2 hours to fit. As I have a Triumph Bonneville there is no fairing to hide it, but everything fitted in the headlamp, and the unit fits just in front of the petrol tank. I does all the things you said it would, including cancelling after an overtake manoeuvre. – Brian Lee, Smart Turn System Facebook page

“Functioning as expected after 3500 miles so far.” – John, FJR forum