40 % of all riders find themselves in dangerous situation due to misuse of turn signals.

Now you can reduce this problem with the use of Smart Turn System. STS is a motorcycle add-on device that cancles turn signals for you. It uses motion sensor technology, to determine when to cancel turn signal.

It can detect if you have made a left/right turn, changed a lane, or even exited a roundabout. The device processes four things to be able to help you with cancelation of turn signals:

– how fast you are going,
– if you are speeding or slowing down,
– if you are leaning left or right,
– the vibrations of your motorcycle and road you are on.

The development of the device took almost two years. It was on more than 200 motorcycles and took over 100 hours of practical tests in various traffic situations. “It was all worth it in the end,” says Miha Kovac.

Most of similar device on the market use timer for cancelling turn signals. Some of them do have problems at lower speeds, chancing of lanes and roundabouts. STS does not have those problems. It does what it should do and when it should do them. Based on a algorithm that processes 300 data in a second.



STS device is compatible with all mechanical switches, it does not matter what type or brand of motorcycle you own.

Here is a simple test for you to check if you have a mechanical switch:

1. turn of engine of the scooter and take out the keys from the ignition,
2. turn on your indicator and leave it in that position,
3. put the keys in the iginiton and turn the ignition on,
4. if the turn signal is bliniking, you have a mechanical switch.

If you are still unsure if STS is right for you, write to us with question, concerns to an email: