In February, we completed a survey with our loyal customers. One of the main things we wanted to know was why they decided to buy STS device.



List of reasons for buying STS device:


• I frequently forget my blinker under hazardous weather conditions.

• I recently went on a long trip and my friend kept telling me my indicator was on. 

• Every biker knows that problem of forgetting to switch off the signals and thus MARVELLOUS concept makes riding much more safer.

• I liked the video on your web page and like the idea a lot been riding 40 years and still sometimes forget to turn off them damn indicators.

• My new bike doesn’t have auto cancelling turn signals. I liked the idea of a system that turned off the signals in a smart manner.

• My 2 other motorcycles have self cancelling signals.

• I have always been worried that I have left my indicators on in the past. Where I have had to react as I have given another driver the wrong signal.

• The videos on youtube. Plus the price was good. I bought it during a promotion.

• This is a device that should be on every bike. It scares me to death every time I realize I have left them on.

• Forum reviews.

• Positive reports.


Are you still not convinced? Here is link to our reviews and magazine articles.

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