World's Smartest Brake Light Module

Enhance your visibility and ride Safer

STS - Smart Turn system module chip

Indicate engine braking and downshifting
Engineers behind the most advanced self-cancelling turn signal module have made another great step towards making the road a safer place for motorcycling. Amazing insights and experience gathered through the development of Smart Turn System were used to create the ultimate Brake Light modulator that will warn following drivers about your intentions. Precise acceleration and gyroscope sensors combined with proprietary algorithm guarantee the most accurate movement detection and indication through brake light. After years of development with over 500 participating beta-testers and millions of miles made, we are proud to announce the ultimate solution for every motorcycle and every riding style. Join the evolution and enhance your riding experience. We are proud to announce that Smart Brake Module is tested with all brands including:

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Be seen. Be safe.

Smart Brake Module is easy to fit and compatible with most motorcycle brands and models! Enter yours and reserve a spot for pre-orders!

Greater visibility

More safety

Carefree ride

Intuitive use

Easy to fit

Deceleration detection

Have you ever asked yourself what happens with your brake light when you decelerate with your engine? Nothing! When you brake on a motorcycle your brake light will flash to warn drivers behind you so you won't get rear ended. But riders are often downshifting and decelerating with an engine. This is where Smart Brake Module comes in - its proprietary algorithm and motion sensor will detect deceleration and flash a brake light to warn drivers behind.

Break ligh flash when decelerating with engine or braking

Break light wil flesh in sequence when strong deceleration is detected

Break light will flash in fast sequence when extreme deceleration is detected